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Pentax Macro Lens

The pentax macro lens camera lens is the perfect answer to your zoom needs. This lens is called the pentax k-mount hd da 35mm f2. 8 macro 35-35mm fixed lens and is part of the pentax k-mount. It is available in both 35mm and 30mm sizes. It is made from durable plastic and has a post-processing lens for a more high-end look.

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This is a sigma macro lens for the pentax slr camera. It is a telephoto zoom lens that allows you to take pictures that are either 3/4 or 1/2 inch wide. It has a lenght of reach of 4-5 feet and it is good for pictures with light in the pictures.
this pentax hd lens is a 35mm f2. 8 macro limited lens for pentax macro models. It is perfect for taking pictures and videos with your pentax macro camera. The lens is made of durable plastic and has a long focus wheel making it easy to use.
the pentax achromatic 10x diopter macro lens for pentax k-s2 k-s1 k-1 k-500 k-70 k-50 k-30 k5 iis k-7 k-5 k-3 k-2 k-x k20d k100d digital slr cameras is a great option for those looking to use macro photos with their pentax camera. This lens comes with a 10x power diopter, making it good for capturing close-ups and personality traits on photos. It features a brown-black diopter field that is very useful for capturing images with black text on a white background.